You Can Now Sell Your Broken Samsung Phone at the EcoATM Machine

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Sell Broken Samsung Phone

By this time, 8 years into the 2010’s decade that will probably be remembered above all else as the decade of the smartphone, you’ve probably accumulated several broken phones. Even in the last decade, you probably accumulated some of those old broken flip phones.

Well, for somewhere around 6 years people have had the ability to recycle their broken smart phones and receive a nice little payment for them. Doing so could reduce the amount of minerals that are being mined in Africa using child labor.

Thanks to Jeremy Graber, something called the Eco-Atm has been created, a device located in several cities across America that allows you to trade in an old smart phone for a little payment with the ease that one would use a simple ATM to deposit or withdrawal cash.

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According to an ABC15 article from 2012:

Ask Jeremy Graber. His mission is turning electronic waste into cash, one old cell phone at a time.

He runs his Envirocellular business out of his basement, sorting through thousands of old phones from all over the United States, separating the reusable from the unusable.”

Sell Broken Samsung Phone
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A box of old used cell phones may look like junk to some, but to me, all of these old phones are good and I may get a couple of hundred dollars out of that. Small amount to some, but a lot to me,” Graber said at the time.

Now, the devices are much more common. To find one in your city, click this link. A screencap from their website provides some insight into how many there are.

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Sell Broken Samsung Phone
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Watch The video below: