Will ‘God’ Save Kavanaugh?

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That attitudes could not have modified from an older era to Kavanaugh’s — and should have gotten nonetheless worse, and never solely at elitist Georgetown Prep, however in society at giant — is gloomy past telling.

(CN Opinion) — “Are boys actually higher than ladies? I do know you’re one, however please attempt to be truthful,” requested eight year-old Helen in a letter to God.

From my very own expertise whereas a callow youth at a Jesuit boys-only highschool, I consider it extremely unlikely that Georgetown Jesuit Prepster Brett Kavanaugh ever considered asking God the query Helen posed. For Kavanaugh, as for the remainder of us, the reply was self-evident — a lot clearer than 13th century Thomas Aquinas’s “proofs” for the existence of God.

At my Jesuit highschool, as at Kavanaugh’s, the idea of God-like male supremacy was deeply entrenched — from the monks and different all-male school to the bonhomie of the younger “good-natured males” within the smoke-infested Senior Room.

The Jesuits inspired us to think about ourselves — every one among us — as distinctive, all the way down to the final man, so to talk.  It was Lake Wobegone on steroids.  We had been pre-selected to turn out to be the long run leaders of the only distinctive nation on the planet — an ethos that prevails, in spades, at Georgetown Prep.

Fortunately, we have been spared Aquinas’s “insights” on ladies, whom he described as faulty, misbegotten males.  It was not till faculty that I realized Thomas deemed ladies “the results of some debility … or of some change effected by exterior influences, just like the south wind, for instance, which is damp, as we’re instructed by Aristotle.”

Is God ‘One of many Boys’

Even with out Aquinas, although, the tradition of the Prep spoke loudly, if much less straight, of the subordinate standing of ladies.  It ought to come as no shock, then, that this prep-school milieu left us precocious adolescents fairly snug with an omnipotent God who was “one of many boys.”

For me, although, highschool was a half-century in the past.  The fact that attitudes haven’t modified between my era and Kavanaugh’s — and should have gotten nonetheless worse, not solely at Jesuit-run elitist Georgetown Prep, however in society at giant — is gloomy past telling. Can we neglect that the 2016 election went to a person who bragged about sexually assaulting ladies? “Once you’re a star, they allow you to do it. You are able to do something.” … and that this identical man is now defending Kavanaugh “all the best way.”

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To Be Truthful

Taking a cue from eight year-old Helen, let’s attempt to be truthful.  Who amongst us is with out blame?  Most of us nonetheless seek advice from God as “he.”  And the way many people nonetheless visualize the Final Supper, by means of the oils of Leonardo da Vinci, as a stag celebration quite than the normal Passover meal it was — with ladies and youngsters galore. (Psst! DaVinci wasn’t even there.)

Maybe worst of all, what number of of Catholics be part of Kavanaugh in bowing submissively to the arbitrary ban on ladies monks, a prohibition primarily based not on Scripture or the follow of the first-century Church, however quite on out-and-out misogyny.

In his kid-gloves interview on Fox Tuesday night, Brett Kavanaugh once more denied having sexually assaulted anybody, pointedly including, “I think about God.”  However the tide has turned.  This has turn out to be clearer with each new accusation in opposition to him, plus the unseemly rush by Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley (R, Iowa) and his ten white male Republican apostles to ram by means of the affirmation.  Just like the protagonists of the Greek tragedies — Kavanaugh will want a Deus ex Machina to pluck him out of his misery. “Supportive” feedback on Wednesday from the aforementioned “star,” who now occurs to be president, are usually not going to assist.

Those that know Washington are conscious that the closest factor to an omnipotent God is a congressional committee chairman.  But it surely doesn’t assist Kavanaugh’s candidacy when Sen. Grassley appears to know nothing aside from the power-over sort of God — the identical mannequin that dominated what Kavanaugh calls his “adolescence” at Georgetown Prep.

Throw in Grassley’s obtuseness and insensitivity, and add a pinch of omniscience from the likes of Sen. Orin Hatch (R, Utah) and you’ve got a recipe that would spell defeat.  Requested why he branded “phony” the very current allegation by Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Brett Kavanaugh, Hatch snapped, “As a result of I do know it’s, that’s why.”

If Kavanaugh’s nomination does attain the Senate flooring, what might be most fascinating of all might be to look at the diploma to which Senators Susan Collins (R, Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska) have themselves internalized male supremacy — whether or not of God or of demigod Republican committee chairmen.

Ray McGovern was a CIA analyst for 27 years and co-founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).