We Are All Being Played by Donald Trump and the Media

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(CJ Opinion) — If any proof existed to be discovered that Donald Trump had illegally colluded with the Russian authorities to rig the 2016 presidential election, that proof would have been picked up by the sprawling surveillance networks of the US and its allies and leaked to the Washington Submit earlier than Obama left workplace.

Russiagate is sort of a mirage. From a distance it appears like a stable, tangible factor, however once you really transfer in to look at it critically you discover nothing however gaping plot holes, insinuation, innuendo, conflicting narratives, weird psychological contortions to keep away from acknowledging contradictory info, a couple of arrests for corruption and course of crimes, and a number of sizzling air. The entire thing has been held collectively by nothing however the confident-sounding assertions of pundits and politicians and sheer, senseless repetition. And, as we method the 2 yr mark since this president’s election, now we have not seen one iota of motion towards eradicating him from workplace. The entire thing’s a lie, and the good movers and shakers behind it are conscious that it’s a lie.

And but they maintain beating on it. Day after day after day after day it’s been Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. As a substitute of attacking this president for his many, many actual issues in a means that may do precise harm, they assault this pretend blow-up doll standing subsequent to him in a means that by no means goes wherever and by no means will, like a professional wrestler theatrically stomping on the canvass subsequent to his downed foe.

What’s up with that?

As you probably already know by now, the New York Instances has made the wildly controversial determination to publish an anonymous op-ed reportedly authored by “a senior official within the Trump administration.” The op-ed’s writer claims to be a part of a secret coalition of patriots who dislike Trump and are “working diligently from inside to frustrate elements of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” These “worst inclinations” in line with the writer embrace making an attempt to make peace with Moscow and Pyongyang, being impolite to longtime US allies, saying imply issues in regards to the media, being “anti-trade”, and being “erratic”. The opportunity of invoking the 25th Modification is briefly talked about however dismissed. The ultimate paragraphs are spent gushing about John McCain for no obvious purpose.

I strongly encourage you to learn the piece in its entirety, as a result of for all of the speak and drama it’s producing, it doesn’t really make any sense. When you are studying it, I encourage you to maintain the next query in thoughts: what might anybody presumably achieve by authoring this and giving it to the New York Instances?

Significantly, what may very well be gained? The op-ed says basically nothing, aside from to inform readers to chill out and belief in nameless administration insiders who’re working in opposition to the unhealthy guys on behalf of the folks (which is apparently the very same message of the right-wing 8chan conspiracy phenomenon QAnon, simply with the white hats and black hats reversed). Why would any senior official threat every little thing to publish one thing so completely pointless? Why threat getting fired (or threat dropping all political forex within the occasion if NYTAnon is Mike Pence, as has been theorized) simply to speak one thing to the general public that doesn’t change or accomplish something? Why publicly announce your undercover conspiracy to undermine the president in a serious information outlet in any respect?

What are the outcomes of this viral op-ed everybody’s speaking about? To date it’s a bunch of Democratic partisans making a number of excited whooping noises, and Trump loyalists feeling fully vindicated within the perception that every one of their conspiracy theories have been confirmed right. Many rank-and-file Trump haters are feeling somewhat extra relaxed and complacent figuring out that there are a bunch of McCain-loving “adults within the room” taking good care of every little thing, and plenty of rank-and-file Trump supporters are extra satisfied than ever that Donald Trump is a courageous populist hero main a covert Four-D chess insurgency in opposition to the Deep State. In different phrases, everybody’s been herded into their respective partisan stables and trusting the narratives that they’re being fed there.

And, properly, I simply suppose that’s odd.

Brett Kavanaugh Is Basically a Corporation Masquerading as a Human

Do you know that Donald Trump is in the WWE Hall of Fame? He was inducted in 2013, and he’s been enthusiastically concerned in professional wrestling for a few years, each as a fan and as a performer. He’s made extra of a examine on how to attract a crowd in to the theatrics of a choreographed combat scene than anybody this aspect of the McMahon household (a member of whom happens to be part of the Trump administration presently).

You don’t should get into any deep conspiratorial rabbit gap to think about the likelihood that every one this drama and battle is staged from high to backside. Commentators on all sides routinely crack jokes about how the mainstream media pretends to assault Trump however secretly loves him as a result of he brings them wonderful rankings. Anybody with their eyes even half means open already is aware of that America’s two mainstream events feign intense hatred for each other whereas working collectively to tempo their respective bases into accepting increasingly more neoliberal exploitation at residence and increasingly more neoconservative bloodshed overseas. They spit and snarl and shake their fists at one another, then cuddle up and share candy when it’s time for a public gathering. Why ought to this administration be any totally different?

I imagine senior Trump administration official most likely did write that nameless op-ed. I do not imagine that they have been moved to write down it out of compassion for the poor People who’re feeling emotionally careworn in regards to the president. I imagine it was written and printed for a similar purpose many different issues are written and printed in mainstream media: as a result of we’re all being performed.

The extra I examine US politics, the much less helpful I discover it to think about it in political phrases. The 2-headed one occasion system exists to provide People the phantasm of selection whereas advancing the agendas of the plutocratic class which owns and operates each events, sure, however much more importantly it’s a mechanism of narrative management. If you happen to can separate the plenty into two teams primarily based on extraordinarily broad ideological traits, you possibly can then funnel streamlined “us vs them” narratives into every of the 2 stables, with the white hats and black hats reversed in every case. Now you’ve acquired Republicans cheering for the president and Democrats cheering for the CIA, for the FBI, and now for a platoon of covert John McCains alleged to be working on the within of Trump’s personal administration. Everybody’s cheering for one side of the US energy institution or one other.

Whom does this dynamic serve? Not you.

If you happen to belonged to a ruing class, clearly your aim can be to make sure your topics’ continued assist for you. In a corporatist oligarchy, the rulers are secret and the topics don’t know they’re dominated, and energy is held in place with manipulation and with cash. As such a ruler your aim can be to discover a solution to manipulate the plenty into supporting your agendas, and, since persons are totally different, you’d want to make use of totally different narratives to control them. You’d should divide them, inform them totally different tales, flip them in opposition to one another, play them off each other, suck them in to the tales you might be spinning with the theater of enmity and heroism.

Because of the New York Instances op-ed, if this administration engages in one more of its many, many institution capitulations (let’s say by attacking the Syrian government again), Trump’s supporters gained’t see it as his fault; it is going to be blamed on the deep state insiders in his administration who’ve been working to thwart his agendas of peace and concord. In the meantime those that see Trump as a heel gained’t expertise any cognitive dissonance if any of the institution agendas they assist are carried out, as a result of they can provide the credit score to the key hero squad within the White Home.

Would a billionaire WWE Corridor of Famer and United States President perceive the theater of staged battle for the development of plutocratic pursuits, and willingly take part in it? I’m going to say most likely.