WATCH: Student Says Because Abortion is Bad, He’ll Support Kavanaugh Even if He’s GUILTY

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The 2-party paradigm, which makes use of superficial divisive speaking factors to maintain People combating with one another is usually instances so highly effective that it may possibly trigger those that prescribe to it to condone even essentially the most horrific crimes of “their occasion.” Illustrating this madness is a current interview performed by News2Share’s Ford Fischer, who interviewed a university pupil who claimed to assist Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court docket—it doesn’t matter what.

Fischer has been in Washington D.C. this week masking the shenanigans surrounding the Kavanaugh listening to. On Thursday, a bus pulled up which was apparently imagined to be filled with “Girls for Kavanaugh” however which additionally contained males.

Fischer interviewed a number of of the people on the bus, one in every of who confirmed the insidious management the 2 events wage over the minds of People.

Within the interview, the male “Liberty College” pupil—who satirically arrived on a bus labelled “Girls for Kavanaugh”—was requested how he felt in regards to the accusations levied towards the justice-to be. His response was totally thoughts blowing.

“I actually hope he will get in personally as a result of I would like abortion to cease,” mentioned the coed earlier than illustrating his loyalty to the occasion it doesn’t matter what. “Even when it seems he’s responsible, I believe I’m nonetheless gonna assist him and hope he will get in as a result of it’s our probability to finish abortion.”

This unbelievable means to condone tried rape to assist the occasion just isn’t remoted. This pupil is merely echoing common sentiment amongst lots of the pundits he possible listens to. Working example: conservative columnist, Dennis Prager, who Cause factors out, typically accuses the left of subverting conventional Christian values and peddling ethical relativism, wrote earlier this week that the cost towards Kavanaugh ought to be ignored, “even when true.”

In accordance with Prager, who represents a big portion of the best, we must always merely ignore the allegations even when they’re true as a result of it helps the occasion. 

Whether or not or not Kavanaugh is responsible of the crimes for which he stands accused is unclear. Nonetheless, what he’s accused of is totally clear.

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In accordance with his accuser Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh, at a celebration in Montgomery county, Maryland, took her right into a bed room, pinned her to the mattress, groped her, tried to take away the washing go well with she was carrying after which put his hand over her mouth to cease her from screaming earlier than she was in a position to escape.

Whether or not or not that is true is unknown. Nonetheless, condoning conduct like this — from anybody — so your politics can have a seat on the Supreme Court docket, is as disgusting as it’s insane.

Presently, nobody can say for sure that Brett Kavanaugh is responsible of sexually assaulting anybody. Nonetheless, relying on which facet of the two-party paradigm folks subscribe to, he’s both utterly responsible or totally harmless or it doesn’t even matter—details and due course of be damned.

The identical factor occurs on the left as effectively. When alleged victims come ahead towards a Democrat, the best helps them whereas the left smears and ignores them.

Case and level: Keith Ellison. Identical to Kavanaugh, Ellison stands accused by a number of ladies solely there are police studies to assist these allegations and they’re far newer. Nonetheless, in contrast to Kavanaugh, Democrats aren’t telling Ellison to step apart, and even speaking about it in any respect. When they’re speaking about it, the Democratic party is smearing the victim.

Whereas this may increasingly look like madness to these in a position to see exterior of the political spectrum, it’s vital for the paradigm’s existence. Many individuals permit occasion traces to rule their logic and find yourself holding beliefs that are totally contradictory. For instance, one can’t be ‘Professional-life’ whereas on the similar time being Professional-war however they’re. Conversely, one can not advocate for the state to “get out of their uterus” whereas on the similar time demanding state cash to pay for abortions however they do.

What this illustrates is that partisan politics and the two-party paradigm draw folks right into a state of cognitive dissonance through which they’ll maintain two totally contradictory concepts as a single fact—simply as long as their political rulers inform them to take action. Hypocrisy is the very material of the present political paradigm and till folks get up to the truth that we’re dominated by a system of rapists, thieves, and murderers, the rapists, thieves and murderers will proceed to rule.

Source: TFTP