US Official’s Iran Speech Interrupted: “How Did the War With Iraq Turn Out?”

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(CD) — After senior State Division official and head of the Trump administration’s so-called “Iran Motion Group” Brian Hook delivered a hawkish speech on Wednesday trashing the Iran nuclear accord and praising the White Home’s deeply dangerous sanctions, CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin interrupted the occasion and condemned Hook for “making the case for warfare with Iran.”

“That’s the most ridiculous factor I’ve seen. The world neighborhood needs to maintain the Iran nuclear deal,” Benjamin declared as she walked on stage on the small gathering, which was hosted by the right-wing Hudson Institute.

Responding to Hook’s comment that Iran should start appearing like a “regular” nation, Benjamin mentioned: “Let’s speak about ‘regular nations.’ Let’s speak about Saudi Arabia. Is that who our allies are?”

“Do you suppose the sanctions are hurting the regime or are they hurting the Iranian individuals? They’re hurting the Iranian individuals,” Benjamin added. “You make a case for warfare with Iran. How did the warfare with Iraq prove? You’re doing precisely the identical factor we did within the case of Iraq. We don’t need one other warfare within the Center East.”


Whereas Benjamin’s protest garnered zero consideration from the company media, it was seen by Iranian Overseas Minister Javad Zarif, who tweeted the video together with a brief message: “Apparently, [the] U.S. solely mocks requires peace.”

“Are we going to permit one other administration to take us into one other warfare within the Center East? Have we discovered nothing?” Benjamin wrote on Twitter following her protest. “We have to interrupt the warhawks like Trump’s Brian Hook, head of Iran Motion Group, who needs to take us to warfare with Iran.”

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