UK: Syrian Rebels Can’t Possibly Be Planning a False Flag, Because Russia Said They Are

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(CJ Opinion) — In a recent meeting with the press, British ambassador to the United Nations Karen Pierce informed reporters that it’s completely unthinkable that the terrorist factions within the terrorist-held Syrian province of Idlib may presumably be planning a terrorist assault utilizing chemical weapons with the intention of blaming it on the Syrian authorities.

Her reasoning? Because the Russian authorities has been warning of this risk, the precise reverse should essentially due to this fact be true.

“There are numerous terrorist organizations in Idlib,” a reporter requested as a follow-up to earlier questions relating to Russia’s allegations that terrorist factions had acquired a big batch of chemical weapons which they intend to make use of in a false flag assault. “Why do you rule out that they’d perpetrate such an assault?”

“As a result of this story is coming from the Russians,” Pierce responded, with a straight face, and with out honking a novelty-sized bicycle horn and saying “Wocka wocka!”

“It’s more likely for this to be a smoke display screen for issues that the Syrian authorities are planning on doing,” Pierce continued. “The best way to cope with any terrorists who’re in Idlib is to ask the UN to barter protected passage, akin to has been completed earlier than.”

So let’s recap: it’s the British authorities’s official public place that the extremist jihadist factions who’ve been holing up of their ultimate stronghold making ready for the long-awaited military confrontation in Idlib would haven’t any incentive by any means to stage a false flag chemical assault with a purpose to rally western reinforcements in opposition to the Syrian authorities and thereby escape defeat. Way more seemingly, within the British authorities’s estimation, is that the warnings of such an assault are a “smoke display screen” to cowl for the Syrian authorities’s plan to perpetrate its personal chemical assault with a purpose to accomplish the important thing strategic objective of suffocating a number of dozen youngsters. Oh yeah, and terrorists must be given protected passage to areas the place they’ll safely regroup, as a result of that’s the factor that you just do with terrorists now.

By no means thoughts that these terrorist factions would stand every part to achieve and nothing to lose in a last-ditch false flag try to recruit highly effective allies to their trigger. By no means thoughts that these are precise, literal terrorists who haven’t any qualms about killing civilians with a purpose to advance their trigger. By no means thoughts that US Nationwide Safety Advisor John Bolton has already successfully assured those self same terrorists that the US and its allies will be a part of of their aggressions in opposition to the Syrian authorities by publicly announcing that any chemical assaults will probably be met with the strongest retaliation but. All of that’s invalidated by Russians having stated one thing about it, as a result of if Russians say one thing, the other of what they stated should essentially be true. As a result of God is drunk and everybody’s loopy.

We Are All Being Played by Donald Trump and the Media

We’re all accustomed to the basic film trope of the battle scene through which the protagonists have been overwhelmed again and are surrounded by the enemy hordes, awaiting their sure doom, solely to listen to a trumpet blast and see reinforcements storming over the hills to avoid wasting the day. The viewers is relieved, they usually watch with delight because the villains are attacked from each side and pushed off.

Effectively, the occupiers of Idlib are in that actual state of affairs, besides it isn’t heroes who’ve been overwhelmed again and surrounded, and people reinforcements will not be coming.

Except they’ll organize a miracle.

This previous April the US, UK and France launched airstrikes in opposition to Damascus in retaliation for an alleged chemical assault allegedly perpetrated by the Syrian authorities in opposition to civilians within the metropolis of Douma. The strike was launched with no investigation having taken place whatsoever into the character of the civilian deaths, and subsequent investigation found no evidence implicating the Syrian authorities in a chemical assault. That is unsurprising, as a result of the Syrian authorities had no incentive to make use of chemical weapons in a battle it had already received at that time and each incentive to not provoke the wrath of highly effective western army forces simply to suffocate some children to demise.

That is all public information. We all know with 100 p.c certainty that the terrorist militants occupying Idlib have been made 100 p.c conscious that (A) the US, UK and its allies will launch an aggressive army assault in opposition to the Syrian authorities in response to any reviews of chemical weapons use, (B) such a army assault would happen with none investigation into the character of the chemical weapons use, which might as an alternative be instantly blamed upon the Syrian authorities, and c) killing the civilians they’re holding hostage with chemical weapons is actually their solely hope of escaping the army onslaught that the Syrian authorities and its allies are making ready to launch.

We all know all of this stuff for an absolute truth. Even for those who dismiss the intelligence which Russia supplied to the US saying false flag chemical weapons assault is being ready for in Idlib, it’s self-evident that the jihadist militants would have each motive to stage one if given the chance.

Keep watch over this one, please. Syria is a key strategic area that the western energy alliance has been plotting to take control of for decades, and it’s solely attainable that they may pounce on any alternative to forestall the Syrian authorities and its allies from shoring up management of the nation and bringing stability to the area. Keep skeptical.

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