Trump Can Now Directly Text Every Last Citizen—It Starts This Week, You Can’t Opt Out

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Ready for Orwellian messages from your government, and the anti-charismatic figurehead given the task to bring this new invasion into our lives forward? Ready or not, here it comes.

This week on October 3, every last cellular phone in the United States will receive a text message from FEMA on behalf of president Donald Trump, and the messages cannot be stopped.

A new system called a “presidential alert” has disturbingly been recently created, to be implemented by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). This text message isn’t about “politics,” it’s probably about cementing a new power that will be inherited by the next figurehead of the next administration.

The state claims that this new FEMA text messaging system will strictly be reserved for the event of a crisis that happens to affect the entire country, like an incoming nuclear attack. So Trump won’t be personally, frivoulsouyl sending you texts.

A crisis that has actually affected every single town in the United States simultaneously seems to be something that has never happened, so the excuse for this system sounds very unlikely to be the only time it is used.

At 2:18 pm EDT, the test will happen according to FEMA, and all cellular phones will see a message box pop up, which is accompanied by a vibration and a tone. They claim that technically it’s not a text message and nobody’s phone number will be shared with anyone. The statement in the message will read: “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

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This isn’t like alerts issued by local governments across America: there is no way to opt out of this.

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Multiple articles pointed out that the next president will inherit this power as well, and this direct, shock-inducing line of communication to all Americans will be ready for use.

Under the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System which has traditionally played a central role in the issuing of statements like this, wireless phone users have had the ability to opt out. FEMA runs that system.

Some users can make the choice to not receive Amber Alerts or regional messages, but under these federal laws, the reception of these “top-level presidential alerts” is mandatory.

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In addition, all televisions and radio will also be lit up with a warning simultaneously, interrupting the regular flow of programming for about two minutes.

Remember when the residents of Hawaii were made to sh** their pants when a false text message was issued to all of them, claiming a nuclear attack was about to happen? Parents lowered children into sewage drains, panicking for their lives, citizens were leaving their cars in traffic and trying to run for shelter, that was just one state and it caused chaos.

One article examines some truly possibilities that could arise out of this:

“Indeed, peaceful anti-government protest could one day be deemed a “threat to national security,” and a push sent. No longer would it take mainstream media days or weeks to demonize a person or a cause, this could now happen in minutes with the abuse of this system.

To get a glimpse of this police state reality one need only imagine a system like the Amber Alert but that goes out to everyone and tracks alleged dissidents. Innocent political rivals could be deemed criminals instantly and they would have no place to hide.”

What do you think about the disrespect of this gesture, to make such a warning involuntary. How could this be abused?