The Real Reason Why We’re So Crazy and Miserable All the Time

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(CJ Opinion) — We’re surrounded by screens stuffed with voices which can be at all times mendacity to us, and specialists marvel why we’re so loopy and depressing on a regular basis.

The screens inform us, “This can be a completely regular and sane approach of doing issues. It’s completely regular and sane to strip the earth naked and poison the air and the water in an financial system which requires infinite development on a finite planet. Individuals who say in any other case are raving lunatics!” And the social engineers marvel why there’s growing disaffection and alienation among the many populace.

The screens inform us, “Simply spend your time on this world turning the gears of the machine and you can be glad. The machine is your pal. The machine takes care of you. Work exhausting pulling its levers and greasing its cogs till you’re previous and you’ll achieve satisfaction,” after which they marvel why we’re all gobbling up antidepressants like sweet.

The screens inform us, “We have to drop explosives on Nation X as a result of they want Freedom and Democracy™. We all know we mentioned that about Nation Y and Nation Z and that went terribly unsuitable, however that’s as a result of it wasn’t managed correctly. Belief that it’s good and correct for the residents of Nation X to be killed with bombs and bullets,” after which they marvel why folks hold snapping and committing mass shootings.

The screens inform us, “You’re loopy and silly if you’d like a functioning healthcare system. Are you making an attempt to place our billionaires and army out of enterprise?” after which they marvel why individuals are turning into paranoid and indignant.

The screens inform us, “Have a look at that gibbering maniac making an attempt to get a 3rd celebration up and working in probably the most highly effective nation on the planet! Solely somebody who’s deeply terrible and faulty would imagine that the 2 celebration system isn’t serving us,” they usually marvel why everybody feels disempowered and unheard.

The screens inform us, “After all that is the way in which issues are; it’s the one approach issues might ever be. Anybody who would attempt to change any a part of that is both mentally in poor health or a Russian propagandist,” they usually marvel why folks shut down and numb themselves with opiates.

The screens inform us, “Every part is nice. Everyone seems to be doing nice. Everyone seems to be glad. Look how glad everyone seems to be on this sitcom. For those who aren’t glad like that, it’s not due to the machine, it’s due to you. Individuals must be protected out of your madness. You mustn’t be allowed on any screens. You must be silenced on social media. Belief us. Don’t belief your self. Don’t belief that rising, gnawing sense that the whole lot is pretend and the whole lot you’ve been taught is a lie. Now we have by no means lied to you. Now we have by no means been caught red-handed deceiving you after which acted like nothing occurred. Now we have by no means gaslit you. You’re misremembering issues since you are confused. Shut up. You’re harmful. Shut up. You’re silly. Shut up. You’re insane. The machine is sanity. The machine is freedom. Everyone seems to be equal right here. Everybody issues. Everybody will get a voice. Besides you.” And the social engineers marvel why individuals are trusting them much less and fewer.

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The screens inform us, “Struggle is regular. Poverty is regular. Mass surveillance is regular. Censorship of dissenting concepts is regular. Mass media propaganda is regular. Escalating wealth and earnings inequality is regular. Escalating police militarization is regular. Escalating tensions between nuclear superpowers is regular. Looming ecological catastrophe is regular.” And other people marvel why the whole lot appears like a bubble balancing on a home of playing cards that was constructed on prime of a ticking time bomb.

The screens inform us, “Insane issues are sane. Sane issues are insane. Up is down. Black is white. Struggle is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is energy. For those who disagree, you’re loopy. For those who disagree, you’re poison. Shut up. You’ll contaminate the herd. Shut up. You’re rubbish. Shut up. You’re a illness. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.”

And the specialists marvel why the previous tips are discovering much less and fewer psychological buy. And we marvel why it’s starting to really feel as if we’re being startled out of a really lengthy and horrible nightmare. And our rulers marvel, of their only a few nonetheless and honest moments, if it was sensible to construct their empire upon a sleeping big.

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