Putin: Israeli Missile Attack a Breach of Syria’s Sovereignty

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(ANTIWAR.COM— On Monday, Israeli warplanes attacked the Syrian coastal metropolis of Latakia, firing a slew of missiles on the metropolis, and ending up getting a Russian airplane shot down. On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted, terming the assault a breach of Syrian sovereignty.

Whereas the downing of a Russian airplane and the dying of 15 Russian navy personnel sparked a whole lot of anger, Putin appeared prepared to absolve Israel, at the least for now. He said that a whole lot of probability circumstances had been at play within the incident.

That mentioned, Putin was very clear that the violation of Syrian airspace was an issue, and warned Israel to not let the incident recur. That Israel carried out such an assault in any respect was clearly provocative.

Russia, in any case, has negotiated with Israel repeatedly on the assaults of Syria, and whereas all of the specifics aren’t public, one of many recurring messages from Russia was to avoid the Tartus naval base. Monday’s assault was in opposition to a metropolis very near the bottom.

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