Columbus Day Proves History is Written by the Winner Who Cons People into Celebrating Mass Murder

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(TFTP)- Over the previous couple of years, and rightfully so, cities throughout the nation have been ditching the celebration of Columbus Day. After beating it into kids for over a century that Columbus found America, the world is lastly waking as much as the truth that not solely did Columbus not uncover America, however he was a rapist murdering tyrant that set off an enormous genocide. Sadly, nevertheless, there are nonetheless faculties throughout the nation at present that can have a good time this tyrant and make a robust level—historical past is written by the winner—even when the winner murders and pillages their manner into it.

Historic information are stored by these in energy, most of the time, these in energy achieved that energy by way of unscrupulous means and can do something to maintain it—as much as and together with writing heroic variations of historical past about themselves, that by no means occurred. Columbus having his personal nationwide vacation proves this. As Napoleon as soon as famously stated, “What’s historical past, however a fable agreed upon?”

Christopher Columbus is widely known as a result of he “sailed the ocean blue in 1492” and “found the brand new world,” however along with the truth that he didn’t really uncover something, there’s a very darkish aspect of Columbus’ life that’s nonetheless not taught at school historical past books—even though faculties are ceasing celebration of the nationwide vacation.

As Irish Central noted, when Columbus and his males explored the lands of present-day Dominican Republican and Haiti, they discovered an awesome abundance of gold, and Columbus’ lust for fame and fortune set into movement a relentless wave of homicide, rape, pillaging, and slavery that might ceaselessly alter the course of human historical past.”

Catholic Priest Bartolomé de las Casas transcribed Columbus’ journals, and testified to the violence that was chronicled in them, noting that over three million folks died of a results of the struggle and slavery championed by Christopher Columbus.

“There have been 60,000 folks residing on this island, together with the Indians; in order that from 1494 to 1508, over three,000,000 folks had perished from struggle, slavery, and the mines,” de las Casas wrote.

Mentioning the truth that historical past is written by the winners, de las Casas completed his writing by asking this query: “Who in future generations will imagine this? I actually writing it as a educated eyewitness can hardly imagine it.”

Certainly, it has taken many years to get folks to even query the official historical past of Columbus. Nonetheless, it appears that evidently this info consciousness is going on increasingly shortly due to an ever increasing entry to info.

When Gutenberg launched the printing press in 1440, the world had no concept that issues have been about to drastically change. Previous to the discharge and manufacturing of the printing press, books have been extremely costly, uncommon, largely written in Latin, and reserved for royalty and clergy.

The unfold of knowledge was stored beneath lock and key.

Nonetheless, in only a few many years after its unfold all through the world, Gutenberg’s press had rolled out a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of books. The operation of a printing press grew to become synonymous with the enterprise of printing and lent its title to a brand new department of media, the press.

The world was turning into knowledgeable.

Hailed as one of the crucial vital innovations in human historical past, the printing press helped societies break away from the ignorance and bondage imposed upon them by the keepers of knowledge. Over the following 400 years, these with entry to details about peace and freedom started to stand up towards their oppressors. As a substitute of monarchies and dictatorships, republics and democracies have been born.

The world was effectively on its approach to turning into a Land of the Free. Sadly, nevertheless, with info — comes propaganda.

Not with the ability to management the dissemination of knowledge, tyrants determined to regulate the precise info as an alternative. Sure books have been burned, banned, and shunned. Solely establishment-supporting nationalistic books have been promoted which led to whole societies believing their patriotic tales about how their international locations ‘performed the important thing position within the improvement of the trendy world.’

“Who controls the previous controls the long run; who controls the current controls the previous.” -George Orwell

For many years, the world was tricked by slick institution propagandists, who wrote their model of heroic historical past. Tyrants have been painted as saviors; mass murderers hailed as nice discoverers. The world was slipping again right into a darkish age of management and manipulation.

Nonetheless, there was one factor that these keepers of knowledge didn’t rely on — the web.

The web, just like the printing press of the 15th century, has revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge. With the web got here the moment and quick entry to any info, distance was now not a barrier to communication, and the choice media was born. As a substitute of hundreds of thousands of individuals getting data, it was now billions.

Entry to this ever-expanding, limitless quantity of knowledge can now all be accessed by a tool that matches in your pocket.

The encouraging results of the unfold of knowledge are materializing each day.

Due to the large unfold of knowledge, individuals are waking as much as the ridiculous and vile nature of celebrating such unspeakable acts.

Cities throughout the nation at the moment are ditching Columbus Day as a result of this info has freed them from believing a lie.

As CNN reports, simply this yr, a minimum of a dozen US cities — together with San Francisco and Cincinnati — determined to cease observing Columbus Day and can as an alternative have a good time Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday.

This rejection of false historical past marks the start of the tip of a fairy tale shoved down the throats of school children for far too long.

The gesture of the day just isn’t sufficient, nevertheless, so long as we proceed to disregard the present oppression of Native People. The indigenous folks of the North American continent are nonetheless being oppressed and killed at a higher rate than anyone else. It’s time we begin to push this dialog to the forefront of the general public debate.

There’s nonetheless an extended highway forward, however a lesser ignorance is the software by which we attain the tip of that highway. Please assist to unfold this lesser ignorance by sharing this text.