30 Photos That Went Viral. Take A Look And You’ll See Why.

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Source: Screenshot from https://www.westhost.com

In the age of smartphones and the Internet, practically anything and everything people do is photographed and uploaded for the world to see. With such mediums as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, images and videos alike are quickly shared, and many times, go viral when circulated rapidly.

Here are 30 of the best photos that have not only gone viral, but may just be branded in our memories forever.

Selfie With The Pope

Source: Screenshot from https://img.buzzfeed.com

It’s been said many times that Pope Francis is really the most forward thinking of all the Roman Catholic heads. And given that he was more than willing to take a selfie proves just that. These kids were not only lucky to get a picture with the papal father, but their photo got over 1.5 million views from all over the world.