3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Just Copy Your Resume Into Your LinkedIn Summary

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Just Copy Your Resume Into Your LinkedIn Summary

Numerous individuals on LinkedIn tragically copy their resume rundown proclamations into their LinkedIn Summary area. There are three noteworthy issues with this procedure:

Issue #1: Trite Phrases

Regularly your resume outline is weighed down with abused expressions like “Results-situated cooperative person with a demonstrated reputation… ” or “Dynamic, propelled self-starter with broad experience… “

On the off chance that your resume outline looks anything like the above precedents, it would be ideal if you revise it and contract an expert resume essayist if important! This sort of dialect has a place neither on your resume nor in your LinkedIn profile.

Issue #2: LinkedIn Summary Real Estate

You have 2000 characters available to you for a LinkedIn Summary, versus three to four lines most extreme for your resume outline. For what reason would you decide not to utilize such land to state something – truly say something – about yourself?

Issue #3: Keywords

Your LinkedIn Summary is a basic place for you to embed watchwords on the off chance that you need to be found on LinkedIn. By embeddings a 3-line outline, you miss out on your opportunity to incorporate catchphrases with your profile.

Resume Summary Example – For Resumes Only

Here’s a case of an exceptionally solid resume rundown proclamation that does NOT have a place in a LinkedIn Summary (note I DO like this announcement as a resume synopsis articulation – in actuality I composed it!):

LeeAnn Dance – Producer – Writer – Editor

Grant winning TV maker and momentous insightful correspondent – encounter covering issues going from pre-decision to universal news, with uncommon accentuation on East Africa. Maker and author of profoundly acclaimed documentaries and limited time recordings for non-benefit associations. Eight years as maker for CNN.

LinkedIn Summary Example – Great Model!

What might a LinkedIn Summary look like for LeaAnn? Here is the announcement we composed for her:

Grant winning insightful and narrative TV maker

Video creation and communicate news coverage have been my obsessions for more than 20 years, as far back as accepting my MS in Journalism from Columbia University. I have created everything from historic news stories for CNN to limited time recordings for non-benefit associations, and I am at present facilitating a blog radio show for guardians relaunching their professions.

My news coverage foundation enabled me to distil a lot of material and focus on what’s actual and essential. I can pinpoint the genuine message that should be passed on, making a human story that moves and motivates a crowd of people.

Limited time Videos for Non-Profit Organizations

As an independent video maker, I spend significant time in making high bore, proficient and inventive limited time recordings for non-benefit and instructive associations. I comprehend the budgetary limitations of non-benefit associations and will work inside a scope of spending plans and extent of work.

Funders react to superb video introductions that adequately pass on your association’s message. I will take your message, target it, and change it into a compact and important exhibit of pictures, words, and sounds. You will at that point have the intensity of a significant video to show your association’s exercises at raising support occasions and through the web.

Back in Force

Notwithstanding being a video maker, I was a homemaker for a long time, and I am focused on giving assets to ladies who are coming back to the workforce. My blog ***, narratives my voyage and offers data about the arrival to-work process.

Blog themes incorporate passionate barriers to relaunching, setting up your resume, refreshing your closet, and setting up your family for reentry.

Look at my week by week blog talk radio show on relaunching your vocation, with visitors including creators, profession guides, advisors, and bosses. (www.blogtalkradio.com/***)

What works about this model?

Passes on LeeAnn’s story and her enthusiasm (the resume rundown does not).

Contains numerous catchphrases that will get LeeAnn found on LinkedIn.

Spreads the distinctive aspects of what LeeAnn brings to the table.

Attracts the eye to sub-headings so perusers can without much of a stretch see what LeeAnn is about. The content is broken into chomp measured pieces, not all that blocky that nobody will peruse it.

Has an invitation to take action.

Note that the resume outline does NONE of these five things, despite the fact that it is superbly extraordinary as a resume synopsis.

Would you be able to compose a LinkedIn Summary Statement for yourself that achieves something like four out of the five capacities recorded previously? On the off chance that indeed, incredible – take the plunge! On the off chance that you require help, consider employing an expert to think of you a LinkedIn Summary that will enable you to get found on LinkedIn and have the effect you need on the general population who read your profile.


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Brenda Bernstein, Founder and Senior Editor, [email protected]

Brenda Bernstein, Certified Advanced Resume Writer and achieved manager and LinkedIn mentor, holds an English degree from Yale University and a J.D. from the NYU School of Law. She is the writer of the profoundly acclaimed digital book, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. Brenda conveys online courses on LinkedIn and resume composing that have been gone to by a large number of occupation searchers and different experts trying to set up an expert picture on LinkedIn.

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